Safety Tips to Drive in Uganda National Parks

Have you ever thought about visiting the national park in Uganda? While self-drive or guided tours are very exciting, but you need also to be extra careful while driving along the national park. Once you hire a car in Entebbe or Kampala, you will certainly hit the road to park plains, woodlands and valleys and terrains and wildlife and many more things to encounter and you ought to be keen with how you drive in the park as there are policies governing most of Uganda’s protected areas.

Some of the reasons why you need to be careful while on self-drive in Uganda national parks and wildlife reserves include the following;

Rough terrain

Most of the routes that take visitors up to Uganda’s national parks and reserves are either tarmac or murram but can be navigated through using the saloon or safari cars. The only challenge is that these routes linking up to the national parks at times can be muddy and the best is for you to rent a 4×4 safari vehicle. You have to be keen and slow down the speed while on game tracks in case you need to catch a glimpse of wildlife while on a game drive with no inconveniences.

Wildlife collision

While at the national park, never forget and imagine that you are driving in the city or town street. Like you pay attention to pedestrians as well as other road users, make sure that give these wildlife species their ample time to cross to any part of road that they deserve. You will be driving at the park with many wildlife species that can come and want to cross at any time and you have to be careful and let them cross first then you follow. Colliding with any wild animal means you will dig into your pocket which is something bad for any safari experience in the destination.

Scare wildlife

You may risk missing to sight most of the wildlife species when you drive carelessly and this may not be healthy enough to you and the other visitors on board. Never blow a car horn and over speed in case you do not need to miss out any attraction including wildlife species and the stunning landscapes.

Do not look for trouble and incur park fines

Try as much as possible to avoid the national park fines that are levied by Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) for visitors who mess with rules and regulations of driving along the game tracks. Take your time and go through these park rules and regulations that are displayed at the national park entrance gate and also online to have a clear picture of the dos and don’ts while at the park.


Do not forget that both fauna and flora species in the national park have been conserved for many years and so they should be treated with respect and care. Never litter the park and knockdown or tamper with any plant species in the park. Leave nature the way you got it.

Therefore, if you are planning your safari to one of Uganda’s national parks make sure that you take care while driving along the designated game tracks. Never go off track as this will cost you. Mind about wildlife species just like you pay attention to pedestrians and other road users in the city centre but you have to be extra careful when it comes to driving along the national park. Never go off track otherwise you will be charged! Enjoy your safari in Uganda